Big Casey Mitchell has promised to support his son for two years while he attempts to write and publish his first novel. If Jason can’t get the job done within that time frame, he’s going to find himself back running the family’s very successful construction company. Every time he gets down to work, the phone rings and it’s either his sister Jacqueline, asking him to track down her philandering husband or Theresa, his other sister, complaining about Jacqueline. In the middle of writing a vital scene in the novel, Jason’s brother Cedric, his most colorful sibling shows up at the front door—with his Italian male lover!

One night Jason’s best friend Elliott entices him to go for a drink at an exotic gentlemen’s club. Jason experiences Dominique’s dancing and she proves to be his greatest distraction of all.





Tested loyalties, and love of a woman are at the heart of this well written novel by an excellent writer. It is the story of two young Black men, Hobart Grayson and Shelby Murchison, whose paths cross when they win athletic scholarships to the same university. Because they are from very diverse backgrounds an unlikely friendship develops between the two during their freshman year. Their friendship continues once they graduate, behind a one hundred dollar bet. The story unfolds against a backdrop of the Great Depression, the Second World War, and Jim Crow bigotry of the 1950’s when a young Black man is kidnapped by a mob and lynched. There hadn’t been a lynching in Texas since the early 1940’s when a distant cousin of Hobart was accused of raping a white woman and strung up in Texarkana. When the same thing happens to nineteen-year-old Willie Eason years later, Hobart vows to achieve justice for him. The reader will not be able to put this book down until he/she knows how Hobart manages to avenge Willie’s murder and what the hundred dollar bet is all about and who is the winner.

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DL Grant is the Branch Manager at the Carver Public Library in San Antonio, Texas. He is a long-time member of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. His a native of San Antonio. His short stories have appeared in two anthologies. This is his first novel. He loves books, libraries and football.